KEOA History

Our first meeting of the Kingswood Estates Owners Association (KEOA) was held in early April in 2003 at the local restaurant, Pete’s, which is no longer in business. KEOA, however, marches on.

The developer, Tony Burd from Phoenix, purchased the property from Bob Hannay, the original developer of Kingswood Units #1 & #2, as well as Wildwood and Pine Lakes. The development of Unit #3 was started with Tony Burd assuming the role of the homeowners’ association. Once Unit #3 was substantially built up, development of Units 4 and 5 was started.

Approximately 50 residents attended the meeting. Six people were elected to be directors on the new board. Tony Burd announced that Pat Waples had received the most votes, and after turning the meeting over to her, left the premises. Jim Turner volunteered to serve as secretary, John Zambrano opted to be Treasurer, and Ben Kinder became Vice-President. Still living part time in Phoenix, Paul Dickey became director at large. Paul Beck took the most demanding job of all. He became director of the architectural committee at a time when many homes were still in the planning stage.

Organization was the biggest job we faced. Committees of volunteers needed to be formed, and community policies had to be written and approved. Some of the projects included finishing the big Kingswood Estates sign, and making post lanterns mandatory for all homes. On several occasions, we voted on the feasibility of uniting our organization with that of Units #1 & #2, but they turned us down.

In all, we faced the job of trying to keep the sub-division as natural as possible, as safe from fire as possible, but still maintain a friendly community atmosphere.